Biotactics Predators in Culture

Phytoseiulus persimilis
P. persimilis is an excellent predator of spider-mites in humid greenhouses with moderate temperatures. It does best on dense low growing plants and is used extensively on field strawberries in California for control of spider mite.

Mesoseiulus longipes
M. Longipes is frequently used to control spider mites in hot greenhouses on tall plants. It is also used on plants inside under lights. It tolerates lower humidities than P. persimilis.

Neoseiulus californicus
N. Californicus is an excellent general predator for control of spider mites on roses and vegetable crops in greenhouses. This predator can also help suppress cycalmen mite in strawberry fields and broad mite in greenhouses. It tolerates higher temperatures and lower humidities than persimilis.

Neoseiulus fallacis
N. fallacis predator is similar to N. Californicus but is more effective in northern climates on Mint, Hops and Strawberries.

Galendromus occidentalis
G. Occidentalis is an excellent predator of spider mites on fruit trees, grapes and corn in the hot inland valleys of California. Tolerates high temperatures and low humidities.

Amblyseius swirskii New Culture
This generalist predator shows promise in controlling whitefly and thrips.

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