Mesoseiulus longipes

  • Common Name: Longipes
  • Family: Phytoseiidae (fi to see id dee)
  • Genus: Mesoseiulus (formerly: Phytoseiulus) (meta see you lus)
  • Species: longipes (lon gi peas)

ORIGIN: South Africa

HOST PEST: spider mites

HOST PLANT: greenhouse plants

LIFE STAGES: Egg, Larvae, Protonymph, Deutonymph and Adult.

SEX RATIO: Female predominant 4 to 1.

DEVELOPMENT: Completes a generation in about one week, depending on temperature.

ENVIRONMENT: Does best in warm to hot greenhouses. Tolerant of lower humidities (40% RH at 70� F). Does not do well on outside crops.

PESTICIDES: Susceptible to pesticides. Field tolerance will vary with spray timing, application methods, weather and crop. Avoid spraying crop one week before or afer releasing predators. Some materials may be toxic for up to four weeks.

STORAGE: Highly perishable, should be used immediately upon delivery. If storage is absolutely necessary, refrigerate at 40�-50� F. (6�-10� C). Not to exceed S days to minimize mortality.

AUGMENTATION: Release rates in greenhouses are highly variable. Release at least one per plant or one per square foot at the first sign of spider mites. Later release will require much higher numbers to be effective.

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