Amblyseius Cucumeris

Shipping Details

Persimilis, Occidentalis, Fallacis, Californicus, and all Combos will ship out on the following Mon-Wed after your order is placed.

Cucumeris and Stratiolaelaps will ship out on Wednesday of the following week.


Total Temperature Range
Relative Humidity %
Ideal Conditions
72-78*F, 60-70% RH
Target Pests
Thrip Larvae, ALL types and stages of Spider Mites, Cyclamen Mites


Our BioVials and BioPacks contain Cucumeris predatory mites in various concentrations. They are used for the management of thrips. It targets various species of thrips taking on hatching eggs and larvae. It also predates on cyclamen mites (strawberry mites) and to some extent on red spider mites. Many farmers apply these to the landscape surrounding their crop to minimize the threat of local pests.

NOTE: Cucumeris and Stratiolaelaps do not follow the same pricing structure as "Benemite" predators (8per, 9per, etc). They have built in discounts with flat pricing.