Application Techniques

Get the most out of your predators by following our application best practices.

BioVial Application:

  1. Take the bottles out of the box and rest them on their side to warm up to room temperature.
  2. Spray the plant leaves with water. This helps the predatory mites stick to the leaves.
  3. Hold the bottle cap in one hand and the bottom of the bottle in the other, then rotate the bottle in your hands while rocking it back and forth. This evens out the concentration of mites within the bottle so you get an even application.
  4. Open the bottle, turn the bottle of the lid towards the leaves of a plant and flick the back of the lid, letting the mites on the lid shower down onto the plant. Now you are ready to shake them on.
  5. Hold a paper plate (or something similar) under the leaves and catch whatever falls through. Apply the proper amount of predators for each plant.
  6. Once the BioVial is gone, rest the bottle against the main stem to let the residual predators crawl out onto the main stem. After 48hrs you can remove the bottle and throw it away.
  7. Turn the paper plate towards the most infested plant and tap the back to allow the predators to shower down onto the plant, just as you did with the cap. 

BioPack Application:

  1. Hang every BioPack onto the plants to be treated. Note: some plants can share a bag if they are close enough. Zip ties work great but anything that holds them in place will work.
  2. Once all the BioPacks are hung, cut the top two corners off the bags and tuck a leaf an opening so the mites have a “ladder” to the rest of the plant.
  3. There will probably be predatory mites stuck in the corner you cut off. Put those pieces over other leaves so you get every mite onto the plant.