Field Crops

Biotactics has always been on the forefront of agricultural technology and innovation. Large acreage farmers have long known the benefits of using predatory mites. In the past it has been labor intensive and expensive to apply them properly.

Introducing the Future of Field Crop IPM: Parabug

Whether you have a giant +1,000 acre family farm or a backyard with homegrown vegetables and fruits, our predatory mites will save your yields. You can feel confident knowing there are no pesticides on your food. You will pass even the strictest of chemical residue testing requirements. Integrated Pest Management practices are the future of farming. If you are enlightened enough to utilize Korean Natural Farming techniques, or you develop your own Living Soil then you know how important it is to have a balanced ecosystem within your plant’s environment. Homemade compost is ripe with insects although often you need to augment the predator:pest ratio. This is where we come in.