BENEMITE Neoseiulus Californicus

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BENEMITE PREDATORS will ship out on the following Mon-Wed after your order is placed.

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Total Temperature Range
Relative Humidity %
Ideal Conditions
70-90*F, 40-65% RH
Target Pests
Two Spotted Spider Mites, European Red Spider Mites, Clover Mites, Any other Spider Mite, Broad Mites, Cyclamen Mites
Application Techniques
Vegetative Stage (PDF), Bloom Stage (PDF)


There are many reasons why Californicus is one of the most widely used predators in the world. Due to their hearty nature and effectiveness within a wide range of common growing conditions, they are one of the best all-around predators one can use in their garden. Californicus is considered a Type II predator. Females lay one egg for every 4-6 units of food (spider mite adult/nymph/egg). They can eat up to 30 units of food per day which gives you up to 6 predator eggs laid per day. This gives you continued protection against pests. Biotactics’ Californicus are reared in such a way that they arrive to you at their highest biological potential that has previously only been seen in a lab setting. They arrive with no food in their packaging so they are ready to hunt upon introduction to your garden.

They occur naturally along coast and inland valleys of California, Florida, Chile and around the Mediterranean Sea. Californicus have been effective on almost every plant they have been used on; from roses to strawberries to cannabis to alfalfa.