Amblyseius Swirskii

Shipping Details

BENEMITE PREDATORS will ship out on the following Mon-Wed after your order is placed.

Swirskii and Stratiolaelaps will ship out on Wednesday of the following week.


Total Temperature Range
Relative Humidity %
Ideal Conditions
74-88*F, 60-70% RH
Target Pests
Immature stages of several Thrip species and Whitefly, ALL types and stages of Spider Mites, Russet Mites, and Broad Mite


Our BioVials and BioPacks contain Swirskii predatory mites in various concentrations. They are the absolute best option for most Thrip species found in North America. It targets all stages except for winged adults. Swirskii is also a formidable Whitefly predator. Like with Thrips, Swirskii targets all stages except for the winged adult Whitefly.

While Swirskii does feed on all stages of Spider, Broad, and Russet Mites, they do not provide control of active infestations of these mite pests. They do not hunt, eat, or reproduce at rates required to save yields on their own. Type II predators are the best choice in that situation.

As a formidable generalist predators, farmers utilize Swirskii's extensive palate by apply these to the landscape surrounding their crop or greenhouse to minimize the threat of a variety of local pests.

NOTE: Swirskii and Stratiolaelaps do not follow the same pricing structure as "Benemite" predators (8per, 9per, etc). They have built in discounts with flat pricing.