BENEMITE Galendromus Occidentalis

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Total Temperature Range
Relative Humidity %
Ideal Conditions
75-110*F, 35-60% RH
Target Pests
Two Spotted Spider Mites, European Red Spider Mites, Tomato and Hemp Russet Mite
Application Techniques
Vegetative Stage (PDF), Bloom Stage (PDF)


Also known as the “Western Predatory” mite, Galendomus Occidentalis is a remarkable little predator. The few studies that have been done on it along with our customers’ feedback have proved that it has been readily underutilized by farmers throughout the world. This is the only predator that can withstand the hot arid summers of California’s Central Valley. Vineyards and orchards alike use numerous ways to apply these special creatures. Crop dusters have been used for years. Now drones are making it more precise, cheaper, and easier to apply over the vast farm acreages common to central California.

We have recently found that Occidentalis is a very ferocious russet mite predator. Russet mites have been ravaging the legal/medical Cannabis industry. With the legalization in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and more every year, this new freedom comes at a cost. The pesticide sprays used during the black market days are no longer allowed. Now that growers are coming out of the shadows they are in need of real agricultural IPM techniques. The hemp russet mite has not made this easy. Luckily for those involved, we have the answer to russet mite damage: Occidentalis.