Our Team

Andrew Maltby

President, CEO, and Owner

After finishing his biochemistry degree at San Diego State, Andrew went to work for FedEx and worked part time developing his rearing method under the guidance of his father. In September 2014, with logistics and science experience under his belt, he and Jose founded their own corporation. Together they took on the task of making Biotactics a household name. Since that day he has expanded their reach to all corners and crops of the USA, Amsterdam, Italy, UK, and Kenya. Now with 3x their original production capabilities he is poised to increase his domestic market share using his new Parabug mite delivery system, ecommerce website, and species unique to Biotactics’ arsenal.

Jose Dominguez

Chief of Operations and Co-Owner

Locally trained, Jose is known as “the mite whisperer”. He brings +13 years of predatory mite rearing knowledge to the table. He has worked in greenhouses all of his life. Now that he is an owner he is compensated for all the hours he has given Biotactics over the years. He is the most devoted, skilled individual to ever work with predatory mites. He knows every species that Biotactics rears better than most people with PhD’s. Jose has built to spec most of the greenhouses the company uses, and he also designed the insectaries Biotactics uses to this day.

David McClain

VP of Business Development and Sales

David oversees the operations here at Biotactics and ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. His Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management and experience in helping grow small businesses has made him a valuable member of our team. Before Biotactics, he was an independent distributor for the world renowned Benemite predators. An opening became available at the beginning of 2017 and David began his career with Biotactics as the Office Manager. David is now our Operations Manager and works with customers with the development of their IPM programs. With his time off, David can be found hiking, surfing, and practicing Jiu-Jitsu.


Left to Right: Isidro Arteaga, Juan Arteaga, Rolando Herrera, Marvin Quinonez, Miguel Lara, Gerardo Villasenor