Our History

Originally founded in 1971 by entomologists Dr. Glenn Scriven and Walter White, the Biotactics name has been a long - standing, reputable name in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) industry. They were true pioneers in the field of IPM. After they retired the company model was given to the Maltby family. In 2014 biochemist Andrew Maltby and longtime employee Jose Dominguez set out on their own to bring the best possible predatory mites to the world.

Through years of research and development Andrew and Jose have created a unique rearing system that yields the healthiest, most tenacious predatory mites available. All of Biotactics’ predators are reared using their natural, favorite food source rather than pollen or a factitious food source.

Biotactics is committed to providing safe and effective pest control for any growing environment: from the mint fields of Oregon, to the strawberry fields of California, to the corn and soy plains of the Midwest, and every greenhouse in-between. We are staffed by trained and motivated employees who sincerely believe in providing every customer with an outstanding experience no matter what size your garden is.