Stratiolaelaps Scitimus

Shipping Details

BENEMITE PREDATORS will ship out on the following Mon-Wed after your order is placed.

Swirskii and Stratiolaelaps will ship out on Wednesday of the following week.


Soil Based Predatory Mite

Grow Medium Types
Soil, coco coir, coco+peat moss. (NOT effective in rockwool).
Ideal Conditions
Living soil with high biodiversity and consistent water schedule. Wait 4hrs after watering to release.
Target Pests
Overwintering pest mites of any kind and their eggs, Fungus Gnat Larvae, most foliage pests that fall into soil. 


Stratio’s are the heartiest predatory mite around. These mites can be observed in and on the soil/media feeding within the upper 2in and at the base of the plant stems. Seldom would you find Stratio’s occurring on the plants. A slow but steady reduction of the infestation level will be noticed. Use sticky traps to monitor the infestation level.

NOTE: Swirskii and Stratiolaelaps do not follow the same pricing structure as Benemite predators (8per, 9per, etc). They have built in discounts with flat pricing.