Spider Mites

The Two Spotted Spider Mite is one of the most devastating and persistent crop pests known. They love very high temperatures (even +110*F) and the lower the humidity the better. Spider mites can be carried in on shoes, clothes, hair, wind, vents, pets, you name it. They can get in anywhere if they want to. Spider mites have red eyes that you can see in their eggs just before they hatch. They suck the chlorophyll straight from the leaf. Puncture after pucture they suck the life out of the cells in your leaves, hence the textbook damage of yellow spotting. The more they eat the more eggs they lay; up to 20 per day and hundreds over their 2-4 week lifespan. Pesticide companies have to keep coming up with new chemicals because they develop resistance so quickly. Who knows what these new chemicals are doing to our bodies. They are found everywhere in the world.

But so are their predators, and there is no way to develop a resistance to being eaten. Regular applications of Biotactics’ Benemite™ Phytoseiid predators will ensure you never have to spray chemicals on these crop killers again. Not all predatory mites eat every spider mite. Matching up the right predators for your particular growing conditions is our specialty.

Along with Two Spot spider mites there are:

Pacific mite, Persea mite, European Red mites, Clover mites, and several others.


Infestation signs: Yellow spotting on leaves, webbing


We carry the following predatory mite(s) that finds and kills Spider Mites.

Application Rates

Application rates are for predators per plant. Species used should be determined by current growing conditions.

Note: Reapplication of half the original amount might be necessary for complete control, 1 week apart.

Application Calculator