Broad Mites

Like Russet Mites, these microscopic mites are prevalent in greenhouses and outdoor farms all over the world, especially here in the U.S.A. They prefer to feed on fresh, newly developed plant tissue over older leaves. Their damage signs are as follows: hardened plant tissue with a downward leaf curl, and eventually darkened/dead leaves. Your microscope is your best friend here. Start your scoping on the top 25% of the plant as that is where they choose to feed. If you wait to scope until you see damage then you have a tougher fight ahead than you planned.

Under the microscope, broad mites look like tiny predatory mites. Their eggs are clear(ish) and oval shaped with white bumps all over them.


Infestation signs: Leaves curled downwards


We carry the following predatory mite(s) that finds and kills Broad Mites.

Application Rates

Application rates are for predators per plant. Species used should be determined by current growing conditions.

Note: Reapplication of half the original amount might be necessary for complete control, 1 week apart.

Application Calculator