Why Biotactics

Our predators are reared in a unique type of culture. They are removed from that culture the day of order departure. This gives them their first 24 hours of unfed life. When they land on your plants, they are hungry, and as natural predators they are a danger to the pests in their path. They are now performing their sole evolutionary duty: to eat and reproduce. This is good for you, your garden, and the environment.

When you alter the natural landscape by planting crops that would not otherwise be there, you change the natural pest/predator dynamic. By augmenting the vegetation around you, you are automatically feeding pests that are living nearby. By using our predators you are rebalancing the land you modified by supplementing with native and healthy predatory mites. You’re not just fixing a problem; you’re balancing an ecosystem. You’re giving predators access to an untapped biological buffet. You a re not just masking a problem with natural enemies raised on an unnatural and temporary factitious food, you’re solving a problem you didn’t even know existed.

Our Biological Tactics will restore your crop’s balance and give you the yield you desire from your gardens.

Above shot of Predator Application