Russet Mites

Many farms have been lost to this tiny eriophyid mite. These are extremely small pest mites that can only be seen with a microscope; they look like tiny maggots with arms. Their eggs are round and clear. If you can see them with the naked eye then you are either gifted with incredible eyesight or your infestation is out of control. As a farmer, scoping your plants’ leaves daily is necessary. By the time you see the textbook upward leaf curl from Russet Mites, you’re in for a battle. Catching the infestation early, before you see the damage, is your best chance at saving your harvest. If the infestation gets far enough that your leaves have rusted tips, it is time to destroy those plants to save the rest of them. Treating foreign clones immediately is a very wise decision. See our Application Calculator to find out how many Occidentalis you need to ensure the leaves get and stay clean. Luckily, if you’re reading this then you are in the right place.


Infestation signs: Leaves curled upwards


We carry the following predatory mite(s) that finds and kills Russet Mites.

Application Rates

Application rates are for predators per plant. Species used should be determined by current growing conditions.

Note: Reapplication of half the original amount might be necessary for complete control, 1 week apart.

Application Calculator